Veronica Chernetskiy
Conveniently located to serve Spokane and the surrounding areas.

Veronica chernetskiy

Skincare Specialist

Veronica was introduced to the beauty industry at the age of 15 when she attended her first Cosmetology course. Her proactive attitude and determination allowed her to graduate from college at 18 years old and then pursue her interest in Biology. It wasn’t soon after that that she realized how significant skincare was becoming in her life. People never hesitated to ask her about their skin, her skincare routine, as well as, the products that she suggested would work for them to ensure the best results.

Veronica finds pleasure in answering people’s skincare questions, as well as, focusing on internal health and finding the right product for their skin concerns. Through her extensive research, knowledge, attention to detail, and inquiries related to a patient’s skincare and/or history, she can find the most effective solution for you. Veronica believes that true gratification for both her and her patients comes from assisting them through the cosmetic journey and helping them achieve their beauty goals.

Veronica assists and caters to patient’s needs based on their skin concerns and goals to achieve the most beautiful results from the inside out. She believes in educating herself past the basics of skincare in order to further understand ingredients, formulations, and efficacy of products. In her spare time, Veronica likes to spend time with her husband, Jason, and enjoys traveling, reading, and listening to music.