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Thank you, Mikaela, for sharing your gift with others

For her birthday, I scheduled my 14 year old daughter with Mikaela for a Human Design Session. She absolutely LOVED her experience and already is incorporating the wisdom received into her everyday life. I can’t wait to do it for myself! Thank you, Mikaela, for sharing your gift with others.

Diana W.

I cannot thank you enough Mikaela!

I had a Human Design chart reading with Mikaela and it blew me away! The insane amount of resonating information I received provided me the necessary confirmation I’ve been looking for all along with my personal development journey. I came out on the other side of my session with a new found understanding of myself and my life purpose. I cannot thank you enough Mikaela! Keep being a light in this world. Your art will continue to help so many people.

Nikki B.

I love going to Crated Beauty

I love going to Crated Beauty. I thought I was beyond getting any help with looking any better.
Boy was l mistaken!
Katie was such a Professional and explained all my questions and concerns. She has done miracles for me.
I now have lips and l had no top lip at all. I have beautiful cheek bone structure and softening all over my face.
I had such a wonderful experience at Crated Beauty from the moment I stepped into the place from the whole team.

Lois S.

My experience at Crafted Beauty was so good!

My experience at Crafted Beauty was so good! But not just “Spokane good” – it is the caliber of service and attention to detail you expect in NY, LA, or Paris. Everything in the practice is chosen with care – from the furniture to the music, the front desk staff is so kind and friendly, and makes you feel welcome while making sure the place is covid compliant.

And if you’re interested in oracles and divination arts, I can’t recommend meeting with Michaela enough. She’s so intuitive and clairvoyant, while being really friendly with such a fun personality! This session blew my mind and I’m sure anyone interested in Human Design will appreciate their time with Michaela and get a lot from her expertise. Easiest ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’ve ever given!

Alexandre B.

Mikaela was amazing!

Mikaela was amazing! Myself being well aware of astrology, she opened my eyes to new knowledge. I am so excited to take the recommendations she has given and put them to use in my daily life. Looking to change your world and grow, I highly recommend you see her!

Ayesha G.

I had such a great experience here at Crafted!

I had such a great experience here at Crafted! The staff at the front was so helpful and sweet. I was on vacation and got a facial here, it was so amazing I had to get another one before I left! I had the dermaplaning & beauty nurse facial by Jules. Her facial massage was amazing! My skin felt so incredible, it was lifted and glowing. My second facial was the lilfox facial with Ashley, she was incredible as well. The whole facial was aromatic and so relaxing. My skin looks amazing! I can’t wait to go on vacation here again just so I can get another facial!

Shelby C.

Cannot say enough good things about Crafted Beauty

Cannot say enough good things about Crafted Beauty. First of all, what a beautiful space! The team has done an amazing job creating a beautiful, relaxing, and friendly environment. Everyone on the team is so sweet and so nice! They are always so friendly and professional. I’ve had multiple services done here with multiple aestheticians and they were all 5 star experiences. I would not recommend going anywhere else!

Lauren M.

Always professional

Always professional, careful with Covid guidelines and all around a beautiful environment. I adore the staff and I’ve always received amazing results from both Melissa and Lisa. They carry the best products and honestly care for their clients.

Kelli B.

I am so excited to see how my new routine and products work

I have been following crafted beauty for a long time now and finally ordered a few products. One item arrived and the pump didn’t work, so I reached out and Melissa was SO quick to respond and assist with a plan to replace the product.

Following this I was able to find a last minute opening for a consultation with Veronica who was so kind and a wealth of information! She took my history, listened to concerns, and wrote down everything in my current skin care routine. Then, she went through my concerns step by step with suggestions of how to alter the order of my routine and ideas for new products to incorporate or replace to best address my needs.

I am so excited to see how my new routine and products work, and really looking forward to eventually visiting in person!

Becca W.

Absolutely FABULOUS!

Absolutely FABULOUS! I had a Human Design Virtual Session with Mikaela yesterday and I am over the top impressed. She was so personable, comforting and had an incredible amount of knowledge in Human Design. I felt so invigorated after! My husband even made a comment that my voice was uplifted and happy. I would HIGHLY suggest it!

Kory F.

Melissa and her staff were amazing

My first time here and received lip injections and Botox.. Melissa and her staff were amazing! Made me comfortable and relaxed. I can’t wait to go back! I highly recommend Crafted Beauty to all my friends. Thank you!!!


I have never gotten so many compliments on my lips as when Lisa works her craft

I went to see Lisa for my first lip filler experience in 2018. She listened attentively, made certain that my expectations were something that were feasible, what to expect and a step by step guide of what she’s doing and I can not even BEGIN to describe the drive behind her work. Today I was finally able to get in on or her books for my 2nd experience.

Hailey, greeted me with such confidence and cheerful candor that it immediately puts you at ease for what is a nerve wracking experience. I met these ladies on 2 separate brief occasions – years ago AND THEY STILL REMEMBERED ME.

I find this quality in a business is SO special and rare. Crafted Beauty definitely does their part in making everyone feel special, beautiful, smart and important.

Going to Lisa you know you’re in the hands of someone who appreciates and carries the utmost respect for their practice as well as remembering the sanctity that you as the client are allowing them the responsibility of something as precious and forever as your face. I have never gotten so many compliments on my lips as when Lisa works her craft.

Throughout the treatment I could see Lisa studying every angle, Hailey assisting with making sure proportions are good and the communication was next level. Hailey and Lisa are the DREAM team.

Thank you Lisa for all your hard work and that beautiful sunflower personality.