Myth: There is no time to help the little guy out

Fact: Don’t forget—we all start as the little guy

During a training I put on with my sister at Crafted Aesthetics in Helena, Montana, I was reminded of just how significant small acts of kindness can be. One raindrop can create ripples that reach the outer banks of a pond just as one pinch of a needle can craft the lips you’ve always wanted. Small actions have huge, lovely ramifications.

One trainee wrote me a letter after the training that outlined constructive feedback (That’s right beauties, feedback is how we grow! Be confident enough to ask for it and brave enough to consider it). Any feedback is crucial in my growth as an injector, but this particular statement was humbling: “Someday when new injectors are reaching out to me for help I will focus on lifting them up and sharing everything I can. You are at the top of the industry and you showed us that you are never too big to help the little guy out, and that helping other women makes you glow.”

Thank you to who wrote this letter, because we all need to remember it.

We all start as little guys in the this industry. We all start as little guys in any industry! In the beginning, our britches fit just right. As we have that desire to grow in this field, the seams on our britches begin to pop! If we aren’t careful, we may become too big for our britches and that would truly be a travesty. We cannot forget the goal of our industry. The goal is to have both women and men alike feel beautiful after working with a nurse/cosmetic injector. What I have realized is that some women and men feel beautiful because of the product that I just injected in their face. What if……what if men and women alike felt beautiful not just because of the product their face needed, but because the injector actually did something other than injecting?

Trust me. Injecting is a craft. It is an art. It is more than just injecting a needle in a face.

People want to glow. They want to be beautiful. Yes, product can do that, but do not forget that you as the injector play an integral part in the transformation a client can experience. If you care, they will feel it! If you want them to glow, they will feel it! If you want them to feel beautiful and confident, they will feel that! They will feel it and know they were a part of a magnificent process……a process that the injector facilitated with grace, compassion, humility, reassurance, and empowerment.

What we feel is what we become.

I feel that humility in this field of work is necessary. Feedback is the hand that shapes our future practice. Beauty is not bestowed solely from a syringe, but through the hands of your injector. So pick a good one beauties, and be a good one.

Shine on beauties.

Shine on.

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November 5, 2019
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