Myth: If you try hard enough—you will be perfect.

Fact: Perfection does not exist

It never fails to have a client who wants Kardashian lips or their jawline, and if you are an injector, I know you have heard that at least once from one of your clients! Let’s be real—all those beauties have great lips. Let’s be even more real—you are not a Kardashian.

So many of my clients want to be something—anything—other than whom they really are. They want Angelina Jolie’s lips, J’Los butt, or Gisele’s cheek bones (For one, Gisele is from Brazil. Enough said. For two, approximately ten percent—which is a really small number—of the world’s population has no cellulite, and I am pretty sure they all live in Brazil).

What I find fascinating, as well as saddening, is when injectors and clients alike forget that injecting is supposed to enhance your authentic beauty. It is not about putting Megan Fox’s face on your own. It is about magnifying you. I am fascinated by people’s motive to be something they are not, and wonder if social media has any part in how they view themselves? I am saddened by the concept that social media can destroy self-esteem and plant a seed deep within us that says you must be perfect…you must look like that photo-shopped picture of Gal Gadot.

Let’s talk about that.

I made a conscious choice when I started Instagram to always put forth to the world what is real. Yes, filters are my best friend and adding a little “saturation” looks damn good, but that is the extent I will go. There are apps that photo-shop and edit your face based on your own discretion, which really turns into a problem when your clients start to fall in love with another individual’s edited lips or edited cheeks. Falling in love with edited lips and cheeks is not real love.

I want to make you fall in love with the real you. I don’t want you to be edited. I don’t want you to be airbrushed. I don’t want you to come see me and tell me you want Megan Fox’s face and then be deeply disappointed when you leave the clinic realizing you still don’t look like Megan Fox. Be real. Let’s be real. You will never be Megan Fox. You will never be J’Lo. You will never be Kim K. You will be you, and so your results will be specific to your face.

That is my definition of perfect.

Sometimes social media adjusts our expectations for ourselves and sets us into a never-ending desire to be perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist, so what are you really striving for?

Embrace your authentic beauty. Your diversity and uniqueness is your power.

Shine on beauties.

Shine on.

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November 5, 2019
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