Myth: Botox is only for older women concerned about wrinkles

Fact: Botox is both preventive and proactive in reducing wrinkles no matter what age

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff in my injection room, but the most intriguing is when a client sheds concern about how their right eyebrow continues to lift a millimeter during your average eye shrug. Some people come in wanting more Botox and less movement during an average eye shrug.

Do you want to be frozen?

That’s simply not human, and that is not my goal as a cosmetic injector. I want my clients to move their faces, because that is how we express ourselves. I cannot exude compassion if my face won’t let me smile. Tell me, how can you comfort someone if your face looks like you had seen a ghost—and still looks like you had seen a ghost a month later?

I don’t want you to be frozen, but I do want you to be proactive about Botox.

Did you know that according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) there has been an estimated seven million injection procedures, including Botox, performed in the last year alone? This number will continue to rise when all women, no matter what age, decide to be proactive about their beauty.

I have injected women from the ages of 18-93 years old, and shout for joy when that younger generation comes in the door! If they only knew what I know now! My first recommendation is to use three products on your face daily: SPF, a product containing Retinol (if not planning pregnancy or breastfeeding of course) and an antioxidant serum. If you are starting to see little etched lines on your forehead or around your eyes, especially the lines that makeup sits in, and you already using those 3 products—then it is time for what I like to call Botox sprinkles or baby Botox. (no this isn’t a real term but one I like to use).

Baby Botox or Botox Sprinkles —the Botox used on individuals in their 20s, or someone who is genetically blessed to not start seeing wrinkles later in life, as a way to prevent future wrinkles.

Baby Botox/Botox Sprinkles is important because once you’ve already created the lines on your face, you will need to do much more than Botox to eradicate it. We are talking about microneedling, chemical peels, lasers, derm fillers etc. Hence why starting Botox young is like meeting your best friend.

This friend is not afraid to tell you to wipe the frown off your face and calm the hell down. Because that is what Botox does—it tells your muscles to take a load off and not work so hard. Over time, these muscles will become less strong and allow for an even smoother glow on your face. Once your muscles get their well-deserved rest, you will need Botox less and less. I have found that my Baby Botox clients can go up to five months in between treatments because of the preventive work they are doing now. Wow!

Every girl from ages 18-93 needs a friend like Botox.

This friend will make you wonder though, as all good friends do.

What’s making you worry so much that you have a deep crevasse in between your eyes? What makes you smile so big to produce those little etched lines by your eyes? I can tell a lot about a person by the lines on their face. Each line tells a story.

I don’t want to completely get rid of that story—or freeze it. I just want to bring you back to the moment you were in when you first started to worry and squint your eyes, and ask you to take a deep breath.

I want to bring you back to the moment you were in right before your smile spread across your face and the lines near your eyes were pronounced. Feel that joy.

Every day is filled with moments.

Each moment is filled with choices.

Make a wise one.

Get Botox.

Shine on Beauties

Shine on.

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November 5, 2019
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