Beauty Attunement
Conveniently located to serve Spokane and the surrounding areas.

ABOUT Beauty attunement:

All Beauty Healing Services are with our Beauty Healer and Master Esthetician, Mikaela Maclean.

Pricing: 50 min. | $150

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A therapeutic treatment designed to restore your energy through a variety of healing modalities. These visits are a unique way of holding space to allow you to come back into alignment with your most beautiful self. The components of your treatment will be intuitively chosen for you at the time of your visit.

Your session will be customized to your needs & may include a combination of the following: Human Design, Astro cartography, PSYCH-K®, crystal healing, aromatherapy/essential oils, Reiki, sound and vibrational therapy, flower essences, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), subconscious belief work, whole brain integration, meditation, Yoga Nidra, & chakra balancing. You may also receive suggestions for home self-care practices to help support your progress between sessions.

A Beauty Attunement perfectly complements and supports your other services at CRAFTED BEAUTY. You can receive a Beauty Attunement as often as feels appropriate for you. These treatments are ideal way to work in deeper detail with Mikaela following a Human Design session.

Mikaela’s Beauty Attunements are recommended as follow up visits to a Human Design session. Your Body Graph can then be incorporated in to personalized energy work. These visits provide an opportunity to check in & see how you are integrating the Human Design information and offer additional insights at a deeper level.

Human Design sessions can be conducted both in-person and virtually for those unable to make it into the office.

Your Beauty Attunement treatment will be performed by the Crafted Beauty's team in Spokane.

This was my first appointment after a less than amazing treatment experience elsewhere. Katie and Sam were absolutely wonderful and took the time to explain, show and discuss options and different approaches to help me achieve my skincare goals. I’m looking forward to working with Katie, Veronica and the rest of the team at Crafted to keep the outside looking as young as the inside still feels. Thank you all for being so wonderfully kind and caring.

– Lisha S.