LILFOX Chill Revival
Conveniently located to serve Spokane and the surrounding areas.

ABOUT Lilfox chill Revival:

The LILFOX Chill Revival Facial is the ultimate rejuvenation treatment. This relaxing facial provides your skin with the essential nutrients it needs while detoxifying, tightening, and toning. If you want beautiful radiant skin, our team at Crafted Beauty can give your skin the care and attention it needs with a LILFOX Chill Revival Facial in Spokane.

What to Expect

LILFOX skincare products blend amazing natural botanicals, organic oils, and other natural ingredients packed with nutrients and minerals that your skin will absolutely love. Our LILFOX Chill Revival Facial combines several of these products along with other treatments for the all-in-one skin rejuvenation package you need.

Prior to your LILFOX Chill Revival Facial, our skin experts will carefully analyze your skin and ask about any issues or skin concerns you may have. They will also ask about any allergies or sensitivities you may have so that they can make sure that the treatment is the right choice for you. The first step will be thoroughly cleansing your face and prepping it for the cold therapy and application of the LILFOX serums and topicals we use.

Through a cyclical balance of warm + cool cry tools and signature ingredients, we tone, tighten, and detoxify the skin.

Our cryotherapy service is an exfoliating treatment that helps to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria on the skin. Cryotherapy can also help to stimulate the production of collagen, an essential structural protein. Collagen helps to strengthen and tighten the skin which will help to keep your skin smooth and firm. The cryotherapy process also feels absolutely amazing on the skin. The cool blast of cold is refreshing and revitalizing.

With the constricting nutrient delivery, cellular stimulation, and increased detoxification of cellular waste, say hello to the ultimate ally to the aging gracefully facial experience.

The finished product leaves the pores cleaner, fine lines smoother and counters sculpted on a base of radiant, plumped, pore-fect skin.

Cost and Payment Options

60 min. – $115 | 90 min. – $185

We offer both a 60-minute and 90-minute option for our LILFOX Chill Revival Facial. Price will be based on the option you choose. In addition to this, we offer a number of facial treatment enhancements that our team can go over that can complement your LILFOX Chill Revival Facial.

Perfect Personalized Care

At Crafted Beauty, we know that the best skincare is the one personally crafted for your skin. When you come in for your appointment, our expertly trained and highly experienced team of skincare experts will carefully examine your skin and ask you about the issues and specific concerns you want to address with your treatment. We offer a variety of facials services that can be combined to provide your skin with the total care it needs.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact Crafted Beauty today to schedule a consultation for your LILFOX Chill Revival Facial in Spokane. Our skincare experts are here to help you refresh and revitalize your skin.

Your LILFOX Chill Revival treatment will be performed by the Crafted Beauty's team in Spokane.

Cannot say enough good things about Crafted Beauty. First of all, what a beautiful space! The team has done an amazing job creating a beautiful, relaxing, and friendly environment. Everyone on the team is so sweet and so nice! They are always so friendly and professional. I’ve had multiple services done here with multiple aestheticians and they were all 5 star experiences. I would not recommend going anywhere else!

– Lauren M.