Skincare Consultations
Conveniently located to serve Spokane and the surrounding areas.

ABOUT Skincare consultations:

Skincare Consultation 75 min. | Deposit Required

Veronica Chernetskiy is here to treat skin and the person as a whole and transform your lifestyle inside-out. She will start with understanding all of your needs and concerns to give you the best results. The VISIA Skin Analysis captures and displays all skin classifications from pores to wrinkles to UV damage and so much more. The analysis determines your main skin concerns so Veronica can create the most accurate treatment and skin care regimen. She can make it as simple or as in depth as requested by taking a look at every detail from natural skin care to medical grade skin care.

Frustrated with never seeing any results? Veronica pays detailed attention to what ingredients change which qualities in your skin. Pairing the correct treatments and skin care products will give you all the results you are looking for. Everything will be addressed from inside out including diet, daily habits, and overall lifestyle. Veronica is motivated to treat the root of the issue for every concern. For your follow up, results can be determined by viewing before and after comparisons of where and how your skin changed using VISIA Skin Analysis. Veronica is also excited to offer virtual skin care consultations via Zoom that will be as detailed as in-clinic consultations to determine all the necessary steps towards healthy skin. Patients will be sent their morning and night time skin care regimen including customized treatment and supplement plans.

Your Skincare Consultations treatment will be performed by the Crafted Beauty's team in Spokane.

My experience at Crafted Beauty was so good! But not just “Spokane good” – it is the caliber of service and attention to detail you expect in NY, LA, or Paris. Everything in the practice is chosen with care – from the furniture to the music, the front desk staff is so kind and friendly, and makes you feel welcome while making sure the place is covid compliant.

– Alexandre B.