Vitamin B12 Immune Boost

Increase energy levels, boost the immune system and improve sleep quality.

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An injection of Vitamin B12 can bring on immediate health benefits such as increased energy levels and concentration, improvement of metabolism, boost the immune system, and help improve sleep patterns.


Treatable Concerns

Energy Levels

Immune System

Sleep Quality

Improve energy level, immune system, & sleep quality

How it Works

Vitamin B12 helps increase the body's production of melatonin, making it important for regulating sleep-wake cycles, and is integral to red blood cell production, ensuring the immune system gets the oxygen it needs.

Why we Like it

It is an extremely important vitamin that helps brain function, red blood cells, and more, and getting a vitamin B12 injection can give you a targeted boost.

Treatable Areas

Energy Levels

Immune System

Sleep Quality

Treatment Process



Your provider will administer your Vitamin B12 injection in the arm of your choice. The injection itself is quick and feels like a pinch.

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Before & After

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